Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's amazing how the Lord can put something on your heart that you thought you would never do. And how He has the power to change our minds for the plans he has for our lives!

I had always said I would never homeschool and more power to those women who did homeschool. But it's funny how the Lord works. And how His plans are never my own. With some changes happening in our family life with my husband becoming the pastor of our church and our neighborhood elementary school closing, the Lord was working on my heart.

A few months ago homeschooling was all I could think about. I thought it was a crazy idea! So I started looking into it and became more interested in it. I did lots of praying about it and the feeling I need to homeschool my children didn't go away. So my husband and I talked and decided it was something we would try this year to see how it goes.

Well, not to my surprise the more and more we look into it the more the kids and I are eager to get classes started!! We have found some homeschool groups to be apart of and have set up a little classroom in our basement. It's all coming together very nicely!! I am so excited to become my children's teacher. I have decided to go with the A Beka school books. They are a Christian based homeschool curriculum. Which I think is very important in teaching our children to put God in every aspect of our lives!

Here are a few pics of our classroom. I will post more updates as school gets started.

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  1. Holly, what an amazing story!!! This is super-cool! I am praying that you and the kids do great. You are such a blessing!!