Wednesday, August 3, 2011

World's of Fun!!!

This was the first time for our family to take a trip to an amusement park. It was the most fun we have had in a long time. We went to World's of Fun in KC. Since it is only about 4 hours away from our house we just did a day trip.

I am a big roller coaster junky!! Though I am not a fan of the really tall ones but anything that will spin you around and flip you upside down I could ride all day! My husband isn't in to roller coasters that much so in the past i would ride with someone else or by myself. But this year Mimi was tall enough to ride on all the big rides (even though that meant they charged us adult price for her :P ). Her and I had so much fun going on the rides together! I took her on her very first roller coaster ( the boomerang).

After we got done with most of the big rides and had something to eat we took the kids to Snoopy's World. It's a section inside World's of fun that is designed for the kids. It was great cause Flavi could even get on all the rides. It was the best time watching the kids have fun. I can't wait until next year for us to go again. And by then Eva will be tall enough to ride the big rides with Mimi and I. I think we are going to make this an annual trip for our family. It was a great time for us to just get out and get away together and and have fun. Those times are very special to us.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Favortie Summer Past TIme.

One of our families favorite thing to do together is ride our bikes.
We recently got the kids new helmets.
The new helmets make riding your bike that much more fun!!


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A lot of things have happened these last two months that I am very behind on putting things up on my blog. I also got a new camera that my wonderful husband got me but ended up having to get a new usb cable for it. So I haven't been able to upload my pictures until now. So here it is!!!

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My Eva bear turned the BIG 5 in June!! It was such a fun time. Doing birthday parties for her are a lot of fun. She is my little princess and wants only the best most sparkly birthday decorations for her birthday party that you can find! We hunted all over until she found what she liked. The whole thing turned out really pretty.
We had a lot of people this time. We had most of the family over and some friends from church. It was quite a house full. ( I love having a full house!! ) My husband did most of the cooking along with my mother in law. (together they can make the best food!) And I baked the cake!!! That is one of my favorite parts about having a birthday party for one of my children, is making the cake. We don't go and spend money on a big fancy cake. That is not what is important to us. I let the kids pick out the flavor of cake they want and the color of frosting. They get to pick out their candles and what they want for a cake topper. And then I have fun creating the perfect cake for them!
Eva's special day was just that..... special! She had a great time enjoying all her cousins and friends and getting to spend the day dressed up as a pretty princess.