Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quiet TIme.

This was our quiet time yesterday. All of them sat down together and read their Bibles! We had told Mimi before that when she was old enough to read well on her own we would buy her her own big girl Bible. So yesterday we made the trip to our Family Christian Book Store and found her a pink princess  Bible. She is in love it. Yesterday she couldn't put it down. She read 3 chapters in Psalm all by herself. So when I said it was time to sit down and look at a book they all grabbed their Bibles. I am a proud mama!
I have also started a nightly devo time with the girls before bed. Where we read a little out of our devo book and then look up the verses. We are also working on the books of the Bible and where they are located. I am happy that they are really into it.

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