Monday, March 21, 2011

My Little Muffins!

This is my crew! Flavi-2, Mimi-6 and Eva-4. They are my life and the most precious little children to me. I love being a full time mother to these three. 
Things can be a challenge some days but that is what keeps life interesting when you have kids!
Flavi is our only boy so far. Everyday I am discovering the joys of having a boy. The volume in my house went up a little when he turned the big two!
Mimi is my little mama. She is a big help to me. She loves the Lord and strives towards being a loving a Christian. I am very proud of her and her love for the Lord and her family.
Eva is the funniest four year old you will meet. She is my little princesses in cow girl boots. She can't wait to start kindergarten next school year. I know she will do well.
They all are growing up way to fast for what I want. I love watching each stage they go though in their lives. They are truly a blessing from the Lord for my husband and I. 

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  1. I LOVE your blog Holly ~ You are a wonderful Mom and it's so GREAT to see you and Abdel raising the kids to love the Lord!!! AWESOME!! Love you all!!! Becky